La sostenibilità nella dialettica tra consumatori e player della filiera tessile

Author: Aurora Magni, Blumine e LIUC
Milano, March 2nd 2018
Presentation at the AICTC conference – Italian Association of Textile and Color Chemistry “REACH and sustainability. “How finishing is changing. Limits and opportunities”
Language: Italiano.
5 pag  (1.0 MiB)

  Sarto Subito! Manuale essenziale di taglio e cucito. Abiti fai-da-te e upcycling per uno stile etico e no waste

Author: Alberto Saccavini, Blumine
2018 – Book published by Altreconomia
Consumers have embarked on a path of awareness that has led … to reflect on the need to buy less and … with the focus on sustainable materials and processes … This book tells about this “change of clothes”, ot better the moment when the fateful question “What I wear?” is not just about aesthetics, but also and above all ethics.
Language: Italiano
Introduzione 14 pag  (98.2 KiB)

  Fashion, cannibals and forks

Author: Marco Ricchetti, Blumine
2017, June
Published in Renewable Matter n.16 May-June 2017
“Is it progress if a cannibal uses a fork?” John Elkington is asked at the beginning of Cannibals with Forks, one of the most important books on sustainability published in 1997, where the triple bottom line principle is formulated for the first time. Elkington answered the question positively: if cannibals, who, in the metaphor, represent big companies that try to “devour” one another, use a fork, that is, adopt sustainable production models, will they really progress? The question also applies perfectly to fashion.
Language: Italian and English.
8 pag.  (2.5 MiB)

  Innovazione sostenibile nell’industria tessile

Authors: Aurora Magni, Blumine and LIUC; Carlo Noè, LIUC
2017 – Book published by Edizioni Guerini Next
The changes expected from Industry 4.0 interconnected machines and people that communicate and operate remotely, real time information flows that support decision-making, enhancement of design functions and prototyping, replacement of people with robots.
Language: Italiano
Summary. 3 pag  (249.7 KiB)

  Neo-Materials in the Circular Economy: Fashion

Edited by Marco Ricchetti, Blumine
2017 – Book published by Edizioni Ambiente
“Publications like this book, written in an accessible though informed and rigorous style, are crucial for clarity, to outline essential points, disseminate sustainable good practice and offer a possible and feasible vision of the future”. From the Foreword by Claudio Marenzi, President of Pitti Immagine
Language: English.
Introduction 18 pag.  (1.8 MiB)

  Neomateriali nell’Economia circolare: Moda

A cura di Marco Ricchetti, Blumine

2017 – Libro pubblicato da Edizioni Ambiente
“Pubblicazioni come questo libro, scritto con stile accessibile ma informato e rigoroso, sono fondamentali per fare chiarezza, fissare i punti essenziali, diffondere le buone pratiche sostenibili e offrire una visione possibile e praticabile del futuro”. Dalla prefazione di Claudio Marenzi, Presidente di Pitti Immagine
Lingua: Italiano
Introduzione 18pag.  (1.7 MiB)

  Le tecnologie Green nella filiera tessile

Author: Blumine, Research & Surveys Team
A joint research by Blumine and ACIMIT on programs, needs and expectations in terms of sustainable machines and technologies of 31 Italian textile companies
Language: Italiano with english summary
Full Report 26pag.  (1.2 MiB)

  Chimica tessile e sostenibilità

Author: Blumine, Research & Surveys team
A Blumine survey with a panel of 16 companies producing dyes and chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry, with a total turnover of over € 3 billion.
Language: Italiano
Full Report 21 pag  (1.5 MiB)

  Fashion Brands Sustainable Procurement Survey

Authors: Blumine, Research & Surveys team
A survey about sustainable procurement policies and CSR governance in 18 European and American brands accounting for over €50 billion in sales.
Language: english
Full Report 27 pag.  (1.0 MiB)