Publisher: ACIMIT

N. of pages: 26

Year: 2016

Language: italiano with english summary

The study by Blumine and Sustainability-lab for ACIMIT (the Italian association of textile machinery producers) focuses on the relationship between innovation in textile machinery and sustainability programmes of textile manufacturers. Textile industry needs and expectations about innovation in greentech are revealed by an interviews campaign with Italian textile manufacturers committed to lower the environmental impact. of manufacturing processes.

Italy’s textile machinery industry has tradtionally leveraged on the proximity to textile manufacturers to develop and implement solutions aligned to the innovative trends imposed by the fashion industry. Today, environmental sustainability has a key role in fashion brands innovation strategies.

The majority of the manufacturers (58%) recognizes that textile processes have a remarkable impact on the environment, especially in textile finishing processes. Energy and water consumption are the most cited factors. 77% of respondents agrees with the statement that environmental impact of processes and products should be measuerd with tools such as LCA and EPD.

2/3 of respondents invested in gereener manufacturing technology and (55%) in renewable energy sources and water purification systems (52%). Chemical risks management and the elimination of hazardous chemicals has been another key fiedl of action for 42% of respondents.

Main reason for the adoption of greener techologies was the need to proactively differentiate from competitors (49%), in 25% of cases it was instead solicited by customers environmental quality standards, the need to conform to existing legislation in export countries was the key factori for 11% of respondents.